New Products:


Agents and Distributors for:

 L Series LT1 LV1
Power (BHP) 2.68 - 8.31 2.95 - 9.92
Power (KW) 2 - 6.2 2.2 - 7.4
Cooling Options air air
 T Series TR1 TR2 TR3
Power (BHP) 7.38 - 12.74 14.75 - 25.48 22.53 - 38.22
Power (KW) 5.5 - 9.5 11 - 19 16.8 - 28.5
Cooling Options air air air
 Alpha Series LPW3 LPW4 LPWT4
Power (BHP) 15.15 - 29.64 20.11 - 39.56 29.90 - 55.38
Power (KW) 11.3 - 22.1 15 - 29.5 22.3 - 41.3
Cooling Options water water water

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Lister Genset Range:

From 5kw up to 20kw

New Iveco Gensets:

From 29kw up to 390kw

New Iveco Diesel Industrial Engines:

From 44.5kw up to 147kw

Second Hand Fully Reconditioned Products:

The popular models which we sell second hand fully reconditioned are:

TS3 8-1

Tel: +27 (11) 493 6077/ 6074


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